Iowa City Yacht Club

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by Derek Brooks

The Yacht Club is a hilarious/fun venue. The actual concert area is in a basement with 8 foot tall drop ceilings... I've watched people crowd surf here and literally scrape the ceiling.

That said, this isn't the classiest place, but it's fun, has a full bar, and was all around a good venue.

Oh and beware, they definitely pack people into the Yacht Club, so it gets pretty hot.

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Head to the dance party on Tuesday nights. Crazy good DJ's, crazy good time!

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Digital Tour Bus

Nicest manager and booking agent in the Midwest. Say hi to Scott and Pete, one of them is usually working behind the bar :)

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Check out Summer Camp: On The Road Tour here on Friday, February 25th! Cheer on your favorite bands to help them win a spot at this year's Summer Camp Music Festival!

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