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Rory F.

Get freak nasty on the dance floor with zoU. Squeezin dumps big baaybay

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Lee K.

Bv me!

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Dan D.

Buy a bottle of champagne and get your picture taken in the photo booth!!

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Live Weekend

Watch Big Sean hit the stage on Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Nick W.

Lee k will roofie you... Watch out

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Ronan F.

Tip your bartender! Much faster service

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Ashley O.

this is a doucher bar mixed with a little bit of ghetto, old creepers and the smell of pee

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Mayor McCheese

Fifty cent beers the Friday before home football games! The service here is to die for! Show the bartender your foursquare checkin and you get a free shot!

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Michael S.

Oops, just walked into a gay bar. Sorry. Carry on, gentlemen.

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The biggest bar in the BigTen conference is here in Iowa City. Every week the Union Bar is the premiere party place to see and be seen. Incredible drink specials, the best music and the hottest staff make The Union the hottest party. The Union plays host to huge parties and extravagant special events that are only rivaled by bars in much larger communities.

The Union Bar is consistently listed on Playboy's list of best parties in the USA and is Iowa City''s best known bar. The Union Bar also recently won Girls Gone Wild Wildest Bar Contest. Established in 1993, The Union is also one of Iowa City's longest running establishments. As the largest venue in not only Iowa City, but all of the Big Ten conference, we throw one hell of a party!!!

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