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by janet

This is a fun laid back place to have lunch. So far I've had two entrees:
Marinara Bowl: Great zesty flavor. Not bland like the noodle place in Cedar Rapids. They put lots of cheese over a huge bowl of noodles. The childrens bowl version is filling with a side of bread!
Mac and Cheese Bowl: This is really filling as well but becomes sort of plain without adding some meat. That added just enough variety.

Other bowls that I've heard positive things about are any of the spicy asian bowls.

If you come for lunch be prepared for the seating to be filled. Prices range from about 5-8 depending on if you add meat or cheese or vegtables. The childrens portion is about half the size of the regular bowls so you can order that for about 4.

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The new Garlic Mac will make you weak in the knees.

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Anthony S.

MacNCheese Monday $4.00!!!

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Christine S.

Best mac & cheese I've ever had, hands down.

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Adam E.

Warm up with a Spicy Peanut Bowl

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Patrick H.

The various Mac and Cheese entries here are great. I still haven't moved beyond them to try the rest of the menu.

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Sarah S.

The Udon is very good here.

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Chris H.

Chicken Alfredo nom nom nom

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Eric B.

Add feta to the pesto pomodoro and thank me later.

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Steve B.

Buffalo Chicken Mac FTW.

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Chris T.

Makes no sense that if you show college i.d. you get free hot dog.

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