Dixon is Blank

Please delete this account. I no longer use it and have changed my password to one I will never remember so I will not be logging back in.

We have no idea where Blank lives but they spend a lot of time going out in Iowa City. They have rated 10 places, giving them an average of 4.5 stars.

This member hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, Blank.

Blank's latest reviews

Blank gave Wig and Pen East 5 Stars

When it comes to good pizza in Iowa City, this place is definitely in the top 3! Plus they've always had super-fast delivery when I've ordered from them.

Blank gave Vine Tavern & Eatery 5 Stars

Undoubtedly the best buffalo wings in IC! Great food, great atmosphere.

Blank gave Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar 3 Stars

When I ate at the BWW in IC it was the first time I've ever eaten at one. The beer was warm and expensive. The food took forever to arrive (it wasn't that busy) and oddly, we had to pay for our food... (see full review)

Blank gave Bob's Your Uncle Pizza Cafe 5 Stars

This is some of the best pizza in Iowa City! For those of us old enough to remember the old Airliner in downtown I.C., this place has the same brick-oven pizza that they used to serve (same owner, di... (see full review)

Blank gave Pagliai's Pizza 4 Stars

This place has got awesome pizza, of that there is no doubt - but I'm not sure I'd say it's the best in Iowa City (it is definitely in the top 3 though). Unfortunately they do not do delivery (dine-i... (see full review)